January Sabbatical

Today was the first official day of my week off. Well, yesterday I was off as well but that was a company-wide holiday. I’m on my time now. Why am I off? My wife is gone all week for work-related stuff so I decided I’d stay home, get the kids off to school, enjoy some great coffee, and do some music-related work. I’ve been working on and off on some songs for a new record and this seemed like a great week to stay home and start laying the groundwork for the album. I’ve got songs up in my head that I’ve been playing for months now that are ready to be recorded and refined. Having the house to myself all day lets me bring the recording equipment upstairs and set up in the dining room to get some nice room sound with the hardwood floors. It also gives me access to the piano in the living room. Day one was a success. I recorded acoustic guitar and piano for a new song and they turned out great. I’m hoping to have the framework of three songs done by the week’s end. I have a good friend of mine doing some drum programming for me. I’m looking to make this album something more atmospheric and dreamy than the usual pop rock bombastic stuff I’ve done in the past. I’ll still record some acoustic drums, but I want to mesh some Boards of Canada vibes in with my pop-centric melodies. A nice mix of organic instrumentation and electronic beats.

So how did I start the day? Well I got up around 6am and made breakfast for the kids. My oldest got on the bus around 6:40am and I took the younger ones to school. I got a good workout in before heading back home to get started on the music. After getting cleaned up I made a pot of Just Coffee Coop’s ‘The Reanimator’, a great dark roast brew, and got busy on the music. If the rest of the week goes like today I should have some serious tunes well on their way to completion.

What else have I been doing? Well pretty much all weekend I’ve been listening to the Gone Girl soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. It finally was released on vinyl and I grabbed my copy a couple days early. It’s absolutely amazing. I think Reznor has found his retirement plan right here. I loved the last NIN album he put out, but his film scoring is where its at for me. If The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo scores weren’t like $200 on vinyl I’d have those as well. I’m hoping for some reissues at some point. Hoping. Regardless, his scores are jarring, beautiful, haunting, and just puts you in a completely different frame of mind. I haven’t seen Gone Girl yet, but I know I’ll enjoy it that much more because of the music.

I also picked up Flying Lotus’ Until The Quiet Comes, another great electronic record. I picked up his You’re Dead! right before Christmas and have been loving it. Flying Lotus’ music is so frenetic and out there. To my ears, it’s this great space where jazz, hip hop, and EDM all come together and make some pretty amazing sounds.

What else? I plan on finishing up the second season of Maron and starting up Louie. I just received my Criterion Collection Blu Ray copy of Michael Mann’s Thief in the mail, so I’ll watch that as well. My dad’s coming over tomorrow for some pour-over coffee. He’s never had it and I think he’ll quite enjoy it. My mom is having the kids and I over tomorrow for beef and noodles. Thursday my buddy Shane Darin Page is coming over in the evening and we are starting a new Cambodia Highball album. Looking forward to that. The weekend will be taking my oldest to pep band on Friday and Saturday nights for the Varsity Basketball games.

I’m just gonna chill. That’s what I’m gonna do. No other plans. Oh, and of course some writing. I’ve got some record reviews coming real soon, so stay tuned.


The coffee nook.
The coffee nook.

12 thoughts on “January Sabbatical

  1. That coffee packaging and name is just amazing!

    I’ve got some stuff by Atticus Ross’ old band 12 Rounds, if that helps?

    I bought Cosmogramma and Until the Quiet, when the latter was released I’m still not sure on them; they’re a bit like listening to Miles Davis’ On The Corner at a totally random speed. They’re both definitely very good, I’m just not sure I’m there yet.

    Cambodia Highball Rule.

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    1. You should order yourself a bag of beans. The coffee is as amazing as the packaging.

      I had no idea Atticus Ross was in a band. I learned something new today. Thanks!

      Flying Lotus is like from another planet. Miles Davis’ On The Corner on a random speed. That’s a perfect way to describe it. I’ve been won over, though. Something clicked for me.

      You’ll get a CD in the mail when it’s done!


  2. I haven’t really been much of a fan of Reznor for a while now – sorta just tuned out. Actually wasn’t paying too much attention to his soundtrack work, though. Maybe I need to do that. At some point.

    … I’m with Mr. 1537 on the coffee. That stuff just looks ace. I certainly feel like I need something to reanimate me today!

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    1. I was a late bloomer to Reznor and NIN. I didn’t start to really like NIN till With Teeth…which was probably where all the old school fans said the hell with him. I like the fact he just does what he wants, regardless of what his hardcore fans may think or what popularity may demand. If you like ambient, darker moody stuff I think you’d like the S/T stuff.

      The coffee is ace! Love the stuff. I’d highly recommend grabbing a bag if the shipping wouldn’t be outrageous.


      1. Downward Spiral was my entry point, but after The Fragile I got a tad bored. I’ll get round to checking out the soundtracker-era at some point no doubt.

        As for the coffee, I honestly got to get round to checking if there’s an importer in the UK. I’d checked out the Lynch coffee recently and shipping was the killer. Though I believe there’s a UK based seller o’ that one now.

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  3. Wow cool looking bag o beans!
    You say dark roast, but I’d be willing to try. Where do you buy it?
    Sounds like you’re squared away for the week. I hope it’s productive! Sounds like it’s definitely coffee-fueled! 🙂

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    1. Check out all their beans at http://www.justcoffeecoop.com. Lots of different kinds of coffee, not just the dark roast kind.

      I am squared away. Had my dad over for some pour-over this afternoon. It was a nice visit. So far the week has been great. Hoping to get lots of stuff done I normally can’t during a week of the 9 to 5 stuff.


    1. Hey thanks! I know, I can’t believe it didn’t got nominated either, though that seems to be the case this year. Lots of great films and performances were left out.

      Gone Girl is one of the best scores I’ve heard in a long time.

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