Jakob Skott’s ‘Taurus Rising’ coming in December

taurusI haven’t made it a secret that I am a huge fan of Danish drummer Jakob Skott. His work with Causa Sui is essential in making those psych rockers what they are. He adds a jazz fusion flair to the psychedelic atmospherics they create. Imagine Tony Williams playing with Hawkwind, or NEU! and you’ll get an idea of the kind of head trips those guys create. Well, when he’s not making expansive, intricate space/psych jams with Jonas Munk, Rasmus Rasmussen, and Jess Kahr in Causa Sui, Skott disappears into a world of his own. He fills this world with analog synth soundscapes and massive drum beats that feel like kicks to the gut when they leave the speakers.

His first album under his own name, Doppler, was a collection of synthesizer swaths and hazy electronics that recalled some of the best of Boards of Canada and even moments of Tangerine Dream exploration. Back in March of this year he released his second solo outing titled Amor Fati. Not necessarily billed as a concept album per say, it had the feeling of a sci fi story being told through a mix of electronic and organic musical means. A soundtrack to some long lost and forgotten science fiction epic that sat and collected dust on a video store wall since 1981. It’s a massive work that remains one of my absolute favorite records of the year. Want proof? Read this. So imagine my surprise when yesterday I see that Jakob Skott is releasing album number two for 2014 in December. It’s called Taurus Rising and I have a feeling it’s gonna blow minds.

I don’t know much about the album at this moment, but I’m hoping to maybe throw a couple questions at Jakob once the album is closer to release date and maybe get some details. Until then, there’s the track he’s shared called “Pleiades(Taurus Rising)”. If you’re at all familiar with what this guy does with a drum set and a Moog Sub Phatty, then you’ve got a good idea where “Pleiades(Taurus Rising)” is going to take you. But with each release Skott refines his sound and his technique, honing in on the essence of his music. There’s more melody this time around. There’s a feeling of actual movements within the synths and drums. It’s not just atmosphere and soundscapes(though there’s still plenty of both), but a feeling of importance in both the trip and the eventual destination. Basically, this song builds on what Skott started with Doppler and Amor Fati and proceeds to improve on it.

It’s a hell of a song, and one that I plan on playing over and over till December when Taurus Rising hits my doorstep straight from El Paraiso Records in Denmark. Check it out. Love it. Caress it. Then keep hitting play.

Taurus Rising hits your earholes in December.



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