Saturday Tunes

DSC04458 - EditedBeen busy doing some cleaning today. My parents are coming over later for homemade taco pizza, some beers, and some cards. Should be a good time. And no screaming goats are allowed.

What really made this day special was a couple packages that arrived from the USPS. The Night Terrors Spiral Vortex and The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream were waiting on the front stoop just as I was finishing up scrubbing the toilets(yeah, I do that around here.) So just as I finished cleaning the house and prepared to make some pizza dough for our taco pizzas tonight I put on Spiral Vortex. I had listened to the download of this record a couple times over the last week and I wasn’t as impressed with this one as I was with their first record Back To Zero. After listening to the beautifully colored vinyl my mind was changed. The record sounds amazing and it does wonders to the songs. I think it’s an amazing sci-fi epic. The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream is a masterpiece. I will talk more about it at another time. I’ll just say I’ll be hard pressed to find an album to beat this in 2014.

Okay, time to make some pizza.


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