Walking For Ruthie

relayOn May 17th, 2014 I will be walking for Relay For Life. This is the first time I’ve done this, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. My wife has got a team together and I joined. She’ll be doing the whole overnight thing, while I’ll bring the kids out and some of their friends and we’ll walk for a portion of the day. I’ll be walking for my Grandma Ruthie who died on February 20th, 2011 from a year and a half long battle with lung cancer. When I say battle, she battled.

She was diagnosed in September of 2009, but by June/July of 2010 we thought she’d beaten it. Well, she hadn’t. Cancer is funny that way. Just when you think it’s gone it comes back and stronger than before. That’s what happened with my grandma. She did her best. She fought the good fight. The only kind of fight that matters.

My wife had done the Relay For Life a few years back with my aunt, after my grandma had beaten breast cancer. It was an experience that stayed with my wife and she wanted to do it again. Well this year she’s got a great group of friends and at least one cancer survivor on her team. In some ways even those that haven’t had cancer but have a loved one that has survived are survivors themselves. They went through the ups and downs. The extreme highs of good days, and the extreme lows of bad ones. My mom was with my grandma through both. She was with her when she passed. It’s taken her a good couple years to be able to remember all the good times prior to the cancer and even during, over that night in February when she died so terribly.

So on May 17th I’m walking for Ruthie. I’m walking for my wife’s cousin that survived a death sentence of breast cancer. I’m walking for people I don’t know -both here and gone- that have battled this thing. This thing called cancer. If you feel like it, help our team raise some funds to help cure this thing called cancer. Click here and donate online. You can read about Ruthie here. Or just share this with others. Make your Relay For Life team and sign up at an event near you.


Grandma Ruthie with my daughter Claire, 2001.
Grandma Ruthie with my daughter Claire, 2001.

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