Thelonious and Me

DSC04360Not much to report. It was a long week despite me being short a work day(sick kid.) This afternoon was like the freakin’ Gauntlet trying to get groceries, then getting a surprise call from my oldest asking me if I was on my way to pick her up(umm….no.) So I had to leave the store and head over to the opposite side of town to pick her up and take her from the high school(where she has her 7th period Algebra II Honors class)and take her back to the middle school so she could attend the after school dance. Needless to say it put a damper in my afternoon. I had planned on getting groceries and getting home in time to pick up my humble abode before everyone got home. My oldest, besides going to a dance, is having three of her friends over this evening for a Valentine’s Day Party/sleepover/giggle session/too loud at 2am gathering. I’m sorta anal retentive when it comes to my house. I can’t relax until the place is picked up. That means I can’t chill with a beer, spin vinyl, pet the dog, or anything until the place is clean and a candle is burning to give me scented peace. I know, I’m sick. It’s just the way I am.

Needless to say, it didn’t turn out how I’d hoped. But the house is somewhat cleaned up and now some new music is spinning. Plus, I have a Brother Thelonious belgian-style abbey ale by my side and all is now good in the world. Causa Sui’s Euporie Tide in beautiful blue vinyl is now spinning. I can’t say enough about this band and this album. If I’d heard this when it came out last August it would’ve made my top 5 albums easily. As it stands, I did not hear it then so it will become an absolute treat for 2014. I also grabbed Psicomagia’s debut record. It’s insane and wonderful. Something like Electric Miles, Can, Santana, and Mars Volta all wrapped into one music monster. Members of Astra and Radio Moscow make up Psicomagia and you can tell. Pure music genius.

Okay, I’ve got another beer to drink and another record to spin. I’ll post some pics of the vinyl tomorrow.

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