Voodoo Psych : Revisiting Psicomagia

The first album I ever bought from the Danish record label El Paraiso was the debut album from skronky psych jammers Psicomagia. They were a collaboration between bands Astra and Radio Moscow, two prolific bands in their own right. With Psicomagia they combined the groovy psych escapism of Radio Moscow’s buzzing sound and Astra’s booming […]

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Thelonious and Me

Not much to report. It was a long week despite me being short a work day(sick kid.) This afternoon was like the freakin’ Gauntlet trying to get groceries, then getting a surprise call from my oldest asking me if I was on my way to pick her up(umm….no.) So I had to leave the store […]

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El Paraiso

It seems that Denmark is much cooler than I ever thought possible. The reason for this newfound revelation? El Paraiso Records. El Paraiso is a Danish record company run by Jonas Munk and Jakob Skott. These two fellows are in the incredible band Causa Sui, as well as putting out stellar records under their own […]

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