Ole. Okay?

DSC04269Technically my week-long sabbatical from work is over. It’s Friday evening, 6:38pm to be exact, and this would now be considered just another Friday night. But fear not, I’m not letting technicalities bring me down. No way, pal. The big cold shoulder from Mother Nature is on it’s way, and she’s making it extra cold. Highs are going to be in the negatives on Monday, with Sunday possibly bringing a foot of snow. That Mother Nature, she’s a feisty one. So in preparation for such arctic temps and glacial situations, I’ve stocked our pantry and fridge with essentials: milk, eggs, cheese, meat, fruits, and beer. Yep, we’re covered. Oh, and there’s a new container of peanut butter and two loaves of bread in case things get hairy. I don’t see it getting to PB&J desperation. It’s better to be cautious than some carefree, peanut butter-lacking idiot, am I right?

Since it is Friday night, there’s a record playing(Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Time Out to be exact)and a beer next to me(Old Style…yep, Chicago’s finest lager. A stained wife beater will be worn momentarily.) Earlier I spun John Coltrane’s Ole. It took me some time to grab this album. Not sure why. Maybe because I don’t speak Spanish? No, that’s not it. That’s just stupid. After some reading up on the album and that Eric Dolphy had something to do with this record(the music, not the actual recording process)I decided to go for it. I picked up the remastered 180 gram version(thanks, Atlantic)haven’t looked back. It’s another great album in a line of great albums by Coltrane. I won’t go into detail, I’ll just say it’s a hell of an album and if that sort of thing tickles your fancy or butters your muffin you should get a hold of this album.

It’s been a lovely week off, I have to admit. A trip to Fort Wayne with the family, New Year’s Eve with the kids and my parents, lots of Old Style beer, and many rounds of euchre(dad and I won one round, while my wife and mom effortlessly skunked us the other two.) New Year’s Day was spent tearing down the circus known as Christmas decorations. I also had to do some emergency surgery on my Audio Technica AT-PL120. I love my turntable. LOVE it. But for some reason the folks at Audio Technica were a little stingy on the RCA cable length and the right side got a short in it. After much plugging and unplugging, checking and re-checking I came to the conclusion that my RCA cable was shot. I got a hold of Morrison at NNN Records and he told me replacing it wasn’t a big deal. After about 45 minutes and much hand wringing I was done and by midnight I had a record playing, and what a glorious sound it made. Glorious, indeed. Thursday the boy and I made a trip into town and got stuck at the entrance of our neighborhood in the snow. After some digging, several gear shifting from reverse to forward, and more expletives than a Quentin Tarantino Director’s Cut we made it out of our snow drift(and just in time for the lovely folks in the white Mercedes SUV to blow through the drift like it was nothing.) We had our “spooky movie night” last night. It’s been decided between my son and I that he shouldn’t watch scary movies for awhile. He loves The Walking Dead and he’s watched all of the Romero zombie flicks as well as all three of Raimi’s Evil Dead films and loves them. LOVES them. Well, Insidious was a little too much for him. We ended up sleeping on the couch last night. All I can say is I’ll be hitting bedtime early this evening. The movie was good. Not as good as the original, but it wasn’t bad. I want to watch The Conjuring again sometime this weekend. I think it’s a classic in the ghost story genre to be honest. James Wan knows his spooky horror stuff for sure. And today was grocery shopping for the snow apocalypse. Many jazz records later our time is coming to a close.

Everyone have a great weekend. Well, if you’re on the west coast you should. Eastern Standard Time, watch out. Wear an extra pair of socks, throw a blanket in the car, and an extra one on the bed. A good weekend for Netflix.

Not pictured: stained wife beater.

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