Shudder’s ‘Creepshow’

I was 10-years old when my dad bought our family’s first VCR. It was a Toshiba Betamax. November of 1984. It was the week of Thanksgiving, so our first movie rental was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We had four days of food, sleeping in, and movie renting to look forward to. Our first two movie […]

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Ole. Okay?

Technically my week-long sabbatical from work is over. It’s Friday evening, 6:38pm to be exact, and this would now be considered just another Friday night. But fear not, I’m not letting technicalities bring me down. No way, pal. The big cold shoulder from Mother Nature is on it’s way, and she’s making it extra cold. […]

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New Look. It’s….sassy!!

So I did a little remodeling around the old shop here. I felt the place needed a little updating so I went to it. I’m liking the results.  It’s a little slicker, don’t you think?  Plus it’s black and gray.  Slimming colors.  The blog doesn’t look nearly as big. We’re only six weeks away from […]

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