White Hills : Stop Mute Defeat

New York’s White Hills have been pushing their music forward with every album they’ve released since the mid-2000s. A mix of psych, post-punk, space rock, art rock, and pretty much anything forward-thinking that’s come out over the last 50 years, White Hills’ Dave W. and Ego Sensastion want to move you and your mind to […]

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Wanderlust(and drywall dust)

Hello friends. Man, what a long week it’s been here in the hundred acre wood. Have you ever had that experience of going on a week-long holiday only to return to your place of employment and find out there’s pretty much the entire previous week’s worth of work waiting for you? Well, if not I […]

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“Return of Speed Toilet”

I’m not really sure what the hell I did, but I’m sore today. Like I rolled down a hill or something…for 10 minutes straight. My left shoulder has been sore for a week now. It’s not a “pain” per say. It’s more like this dull ache, as if some muscle or tendon became shorter somehow. […]

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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th. I can’t report any bad luck for today. I mean, no more than I normally deal with anyways. It was actually a rather pleasant Friday the 13th. The weather finally broke and it was a beautiful cool day. A fall day. Upper 60s for a high. It’ll get down to […]

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New Music For A New Saturday

What do I see sitting on my front porch?  Well it’s a Saturday surprise from one of my favorite record labels Thrill Jockey.  White Hill’s So You Are…So You’ll Be showed up 10 days early!  Joy!!  While I haven’t listened to the bonus 12″ E.P. yet, I can say without a doubt that Dave W […]

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Drift Away

So I’m in a ramblin’ kind of mood this evening.  The kids are at their perspective pals abodes, my wife is at work earning some dough, and White Hills’ Stolen Stars Left For No One is spinning at the moment.  I gotta say, that was the best $13 I’ve spent in a long time(well, the […]

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