Moon Duo : Stars Are The Light

Moon Duo have always had a disco side. Even back in the beginning, their Suicide vibes and psychedelic motorik grooves hinted at simple four-on-the-floor rhythms and dance floor abandon. The driving sound has always been Ripley Johnson’s fuzz guitar, Sanae Yamada’s keys, and their voices melding together into one soothing, melodic drone. With each successive […]

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Moon Duo : Shadows of the Sun

A lot can be said for a good boogie. Take that boogie, mix in some psychedelics and some robotic rhythms and what you have some something kinda fun and menacing. Moon Duo’s Eric “Ripley” Johnson likes music you feel in your bones and in the chattering of your teeth. Along with band mate and keyboardist […]

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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th. I can’t report any bad luck for today. I mean, no more than I normally deal with anyways. It was actually a rather pleasant Friday the 13th. The weather finally broke and it was a beautiful cool day. A fall day. Upper 60s for a high. It’ll get down to […]

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Moon Duo-Circles

If you’re familiar with Erik “Ripley” Johnson’s main band Wooden Shjips, then getting to know his side band Moon Duo will come very naturally. They occupy that same space as Wooden Shjips; kraut rock sensibilities, fuzzed-out garage rock spirit, and spacey, drone-fueled mantras that float along like the haze at a Brian Jonestown Massacre gig. […]

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