New Music For A New Saturday

What do I see sitting on my front porch?  Well it’s a Saturday surprise from one of my favorite record labels Thrill Jockey.  White Hill’s So You Are…So You’ll Be showed up 10 days early!  Joy!!  While I haven’t listened to the bonus 12″ E.P. yet, I can say without a doubt that Dave W and Ego Sensation have given us a sludgy Space Rock masterpiece.  Incorporates all the good stuff they’ve given us in the past into a whole new thing.  It’s very instrumental-oriented.  Lots of great hazy passages to get lost in.  It’s gonna melt your face, that’s what it’s going to do.

I also got my copy of Explosions in The Sky’s Prince Avalanche soundtrack.  Simply put, it’s beautiful.  The fact that I get to hear it playing over the new David Gordon Green film of the same name only makes my smile even wider.  It’s very subtle and quiet.  Dont’ look for the emotional bombast of their own albums.  This is true film score music.  It’s stunning.

Last but not least, my friend Mr. Storey over at 1537 sent me a care package in the form of a couple Lush 45s, which I received in the mail yesterday.  He felt they would be better served spinning on my table than being sad and un-spun in his own collection, so he passed the Lush torch onto me and I was more than happy to accept these gems from overseas.  If you know Mr. Storey’s 1537 page, you know Legos play a big role in his page.  So he kindly included a couple Lego mini figures along with the singles.  The kids were in awe and had those figures in action before I even spun Lush’s “Single Girl”.

A good weekend all around.  How’s your going?


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