1996-2013…and counting

2012 in photos 264It was 17 years ago today that my wife and I exchanged vows in an overly hot community building overlooking the sort of pretty Winona Lake, in the even less sort of pretty Winona Lake, IN.  We were married by a Justice of the Peace.  She was a very nice lady.  I can’t recall her name.

It didn’t really matter to us who was performing the ceremony because the ceremony wasn’t the point.  The point was us getting in front of a room full of family and friends(which looking back at those pictures from that day so many folks are no longer with us) and letting them all know that we’d found that person that we wanted to hang out with for the rest of our lives.  The person we wanted to go to concerts with exclusively, and go to Chicago with occasionally, and make pizza with weekly, and wake up next to every morning till there are no mornings left.  We also found that one person we knew would be able to put up with each others quirks, freaky attitudes towards how coffee should be made, how different foods should NOT touch each other on the plate, and that sarcasm is a seasoning that should be used on all the tastiest conversations.  We found that one person in the universe that knows when we are being kind of a jerk that it’s merely a blip and that we’re actually a pretty damn good person.  We found that person that will let us indulge our passion, regardless of how frivolous the other may think it to be.  In other words, we found the coolest person in the room…and they actually liked us for us.

I can only hope that everyone else can laugh as much and feel as needed and loved as my wife and I have for 17 years…and counting.

7 Replies to “1996-2013…and counting”

  1. Look at the two or you, stealing the thunder from the landscaping, being all radiant and beaming.

    Her glasses are cooler than yours though. I’m not saying you should get the transitions lenses but they do look cool.


    1. This was July of 2011 in Chicago near Lakeshore Drive. We took the Southshore from Dune State Park to Randolph Street with the kids for a day trip. We had a great time. Way too much walking for a 6 year old, though.

      I’m due for new glasses. She tells me I should give the transition lenses a shot. We shall see.


  2. Congratulations! It can be so hard to find someone who accepts a truly different someone as themselves. Harder yet, to nurture that over time. You make it sound easy in this post, so I’ll give you credit for being that talented. If you had to work for it, well you’ll still get all the credit.


    1. Nothing ever is that easy. There’s always ups and downs, disagreements, and general huffing and puffing. We’ve always just been lucky in that those core values and beliefs – the ones that make you uniquely you- are shared and respected between us. And not only that, but we’re on the same page as the other.

      It’s never easy, but the struggles have all been so very worth it.


      1. That common ground? That’s the part that’s so hard to do well. I think people assume common interests or common traits make for a good pairing, but it’s really that set of common core values that make it. That’s the kind of wisdom I wish I’d had/developed younger. You’ve got a great thing that you’ve built in Hoosier-town, USA.


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