Fathers Day

my dad, 1967
my dad, 1967

It’s hard to believe we’re already at Fathers Day this year.  2013 is nearly to the halfway point.  Three or so weeks left till the Fourth of July and a month or so of people celebrating their independence by intruding on my sleep by shooting firecrackers till the wee hours of the morning.  Man, that makes me so mad I could….

sorry, this is about Fathers Day.

I just want to say that if it weren’t for my dad being who he was while I grew up, and for being who he is now, I wouldn’t be the dad I am to my kids.  He had just the right amount of warmth and menace that made me feel like I could go to him with problems;  yet I NEVER wanted to be the source of said problem.  Thanks to him, I’m a 5th level black belt in the art of sarcasm.  I hold a masters degree in Dry Humor Studies, and I did 3 tours of duty in the Smartass Army.  He prepared me for a world filled with people you will never like, but you learn to put up with because your responsibility to your family is more important than giving in to the urge to knock someone on their ass.  I learned that putting a heater core into a 77′ Chevy Nova isn’t just a weekend project.  I’ve learned to take pride in your work and never do something halfass(cause he’ll know…dear God he’ll know).  I’ve learned that the squirrel is our mortal enemy and we should fight back at any cost.  I’ve learned your car can never be too clean.  And I’ve learned that everything I do means something to my own kids.  I saw the man that raised me as something of a giant(at 6’4, he was pretty big to a little kid), someone I looked up to and that he could fix anything, do anything, and make anything happen.  I want my kids to see me that way, too.

Happy Fathers Day, fathers.

8 Replies to “Fathers Day”

      1. I didn’t actually read this last night, but now that I have–I hope you shared it with your dad. “The right amount of warmth and menace…” “…3 tours of duty in the SmartAss Army.” This post is a great tribute to your dad and I can only imagine how proud he is of his 5th degree black belt.

        Incidentally, I really like Life in Distortion–it appeals to me more than your other stuff that I’ve heard. I like it as much as I like to think I have a good sixth sense about this stuff and I’m a bit confused as to why you haven’t been able to buy a new car or something with the proceeds from it.


      2. I haven’t shared it with him(my parents don’t have a computer at home), but I will.

        As far as royalty checks and new cars, beats me. That commercial deal with Frito Lay fell through. And believe me, I’d totally sell out for the amount of money it would take to put my kids through college…even just a semester.

        Thank you for the kind words. I’d forgotten how much I liked the songs on LiD.


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