Something For A Monday Evening

I was going to post these Friday night, then Saturday afternoon, then…well, then I just didn’t.  So here’s some stuff for a Monday evening.  Come on in, you’re getting soaked.

Friday my wife dropped our oldest daughter off at Band Camp and headed over to St. Anne’s annual garage sale(during the holidays they sell the BEST cheese balls).  Upon arriving she found two very old sets of 78s.  One was Andre Segovia and the other was Tchaikovsky’s something or other in B minor.  Both were 6 records a piece.  Very cool stuff, and in pretty good shape for obviously being pretty old.  I put Segovia on Friday evening and it sounded…well, old.  But hey, that’s how 78s sound.  Those would make my total of 78s sets to 5.  I have 3 sets that were my grandparents that my dad gave me once he saw that my record collecting wasn’t just some weird phase;  like my mullet, or parachute pants, or my failed attempt at liking Downton Abbey.  Now, I don’t ever listen to the 78s.  It’s just not something I ever think to throw on.  I don’t wear my great grandpa’s fez either, but it’s still pretty cool.  I love having them though.  The collections are quite impressive.

As well as the cool 78s my wife very kindly bought for me, I received Tennis System’s Teenagers in the mail on Friday, with a cool marble colored vinyl.  Classy dudes those Tennis System guys are.

On Saturday I picked up a copy of The Olivia Tremor Control’s Music from the Unrealized Film Script: Dusk at Cubist Castle.  All I can say is that I’m now obsessed with them.  I’d always known about them as they were part of the Elephant 6 Recording Company, along with The Apples In Stereo and Neutral Milk Hotel.  OTC is by far the most experimental and out there of the group.  Going from pure sugary 60s pop to avante garde experimental noise within a 3 minute time span.  This record is amazing and I will be posting on them in more detail very soon, as soon as I grab the follow-up, 1999s Black Foilage.

Other than the music, it was a pretty decent weekend.  How was yours?

tennis systemolivia


7 thoughts on “Something For A Monday Evening

  1. My weekend? Ugh! I made myself grumpy. It was curmudgeon practice time and I’ve got it down!

    The OTC album arrives just as the original Elephant Six groups are all active at once. Maybe one of their tours will swing by your area.


  2. Both OTC albums are tremendous. Don’t sleep on the Singles collection – also totally incredible. Last time I was at Shooting Star he had a used copy of said album on vinyl. That was over a year ago, though.


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