Thousand Foot Whale Claw Assures Us “The Water is Quite Clear”

Few bands these days bring the deep space musical brain dive like Austin’s Thousand Foot Whale Claw. A sort of cosmic Komische band that consists of a who’s who of Austin electronic music royalty, Thousand Foot Whale Claw consists of Justin Goers, Adam Jones, Neil Lord, and Zac Roesch. They each delve into heady musical spaces in other acts including Troller, S U R V I V E, Single Lash, and Future Museums.

Thousand Foot Whale Claw scratch that ether drip electro haze like no other. Their last full-length, the dense and dark Black Hole Party, covered both the dance vibes and heady sound drifts and encapsulated everything I love about electronic music in general. And now, following their August single release “The Garden from Above”, TFWC has just dropped another epic slice of transcendent electronic with the hypnotic “The Water is Quite Clear”.

This new single is sparser and more direct. It feels like a skeletal jam where you add the flesh to the song’s frame within the hypnotic state it puts you in. It’s built around a repetitive synth line, and the band constructs a rhythmic pulse with live percussion and acoustic guitar. It’s like some deep space meditation, locking into the universe over tones, buzzing strings, and pure vibes.

“The Water is Quite Clear” is available now over at Holodeck Records. Listen below, and buy it here

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