Missions Returns With “Loversnight”

featured photos by Daniel Di Domenico 

Josh Mills put out one of the best electronic albums of 2019 with his Missions LP Subcreature. On that album Mills built deep, dark electro jams for slinking thru neon-lit city streets with laser precision. His vibes were early 80s electro funk mixed with neo-futuristic dystopia. These were club jams for the wasteland. The Texan-turned-Los Angeles-based producer has made a name for himself as a go-to studio wizard(check out the excellent Restless by Lou Rebecca for some of his serious handiwork), but Subcreature proves he’s just as vital making his own music as he is helping others create their vision.

Today Holodeck Records drops the newest single from Mills and Missions, the exquisite electro cover of Supermax’ “Loversnight”. Mills makes this dance classic his very own while still retaining the drama and sensuality of the original. Missions electro sheen adds an air of mystery to the early 80s slow motion funk the German pop band created.

I truly feel Missions could cover anything and make it sublime. Josh Mills adds his magic to any formula and it will only get better. “Loversnight” is right in Missions’ wheelhouse, and this cover will make your Friday a little better. Take my word for it.

Here’s what Holodeck Records has to say about Missions and “Loversnight”:

Laying down funky electro jams with a salute to social justice, LA-based synth-pop savant Missions is back with a smooth rendition of the classic Supermax track “Loversnight.” In a show of solidarity with the people of South Africa, multiracial European band Supermax toured throughout the country in 1981, during the brutal segregation of apartheid.

Paying tribute to this spirit of civil equality, Missions reinterprets the piece through his signature cast of bright analog synthesizers, fresh bass lines and electronic vocals. This beautifully honed production style combines a love of sound design with the seductive allure of vintage pop, making this version of “Loversnight” an exciting and seamless addition to Missions’ catalog.

“Loversnight” will be available later today over at Holodeck Records. Listen to the track below, and preorder it here

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