Graham Reznick : The Interconscious Catalogue

Graham Reznick operates in his own time zone, interdimensional space, and auditory frequency. As a sound designer for films Reznick is a bit of a wizard, encapsulating visuals with the kind of auditory experience one could easily describe as a all-encompassing. As a director his work like I Can See You and the Shudder series Deadwax is a psychedelic experience, toying with the lines between reality and fantasy and moving that line often and when we least expect it.

Reznick released two incredible electronic albums in 2018, Glass Angles and Robophasia. Both gave listening experiences that were dream-like, all-encompassing, and at time were hallucinogenic when headphones were used. The former a dark, noir-inspired journey, while the other toyed with dystopian themes and robotic electro funk rhythms. Each were enhanced by Reznick’s sound wizardry, and the listener rewarded with hallucinatory aural pleasures when headphones were engaged.

Four years later Graham Reznick returns on label Library Of The Occult with The Interconscious Catalogue, a series of auditory journeys that were “lost and found” sounds used in various projects over the years, including I Can See You and The House Of The Devil. These pieces have been revisited and revamped by Reznick and are all together in this haunted and hypnotic collection. Can your psyche take it? Hit play and see.

If you’re hoping for an experience similar to Graham’s previous albums, this isn’t it. Where those were albums with melodies, grooves, and movement, The Interconscious Catalogue is more a journey into a haunted psyche. Something like the 16-minute “Unsummoned” echoes and buzzes like a guitar being plucked in an endless chasm miles into the earth’s core. Incidental music for a nervous breakdown. Or a descent into insanity. “Throat” should be accompaniment for a reading of the Necronomicon. “Noonrise” is like static rising from some broken psyche. Buzzing electrical currents through a psychic vacuum.

The Interconscious Catalogue are sound experiments to enhance the visual experience of mildly psychedelic, mildly disturbing cinema. On their own here they seem to unlock parts of the human brain maybe not meant to be unlocked. Drop the needle, close your eyes, and see where your mind goes. Hopefully, it returns.

‘The Interconscious Catalogue’ is out now on Library Of The Occult. Buy it here.

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