Tai Chi Tommy : Nightmares At The Sad Souls Cafe

So are you the type that loves fall, the light fading earlier and earlier in the evening, and of course Halloween season? You dig the spooks, cooks, eerie voices emanating from nowhere in-particular, and just the general reason for the season? But you’re tired of the usual musical suspects when it comes to Halloween tunes? “Monster Mash”? No thanks. Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown burnout? Horror scores are year-round so not relegated to the fall?

I bet you’re looking for something a little different, aren’t you? You like your spooky tunes with a lounge singer vibe? Maybe a bit of Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker, Chris Isaak, and with a touch of David Lynch for good measure? Well Library Of The Occult has what your dark soul is craving, and it’s name is Tai Chi Tommy.

If you want a touch of torch song romance with a side of crooner-meets-coroner then you need Tai Chi Tommy’s Nightmares At The Sad Souls Social Club.

Nightmares At The Sad Souls Social Club is a bounty of doo-wop bop and late night crooner courtesy of the man only known as Tai Chi Tommy. Is he an expert in the martial arts? Don’t know, but what I do know is that Mr. Tommy has it going on when it comes to catchy and dark romantic songs about love, loss, and the dead rising from their graves.

“Last Ride” sounds like The Motels fronted by Nick Cave on an A-Postive bender. “Buried Under Your Love” goes full 50s ballad, but with just a touch of Bauhaus for good measure. Opener “6ft Down” is a slow burn track, oozing like blood down a stone wall. A crypt jam if I’ve ever heard one. “Shrunken Head hula” is as fun is it sounds. You can almost hear the waves crashing as Tai Chi Tommy croons for zombi tourists on the island of You-A-Doomed-A. “Date With The Devil” sounds like a zombi greaser anthem, complete with trash can drums and theremin.

You want to soundtrack your Halloween season with something a little different, a little groovy, and a little spooky? Then Tai Chi Tommy’s Nightmares At The Sad Souls Social Club is what your dark heart is craving.

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