“You’re dressed as what?”

It’s October 31st, 2022. All Hallow’s Eve, the day where ghosts, goblins, and ghouls rise from the netherworld to steal souls, cook kids in in cauldrons, and give you lip when you don’t give them a full size candy bar(Fun Size? What’s so fun about it?) Yes, it’s Halloween. The one time of the year […]

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Proto Droids : Sequential Dreams

Just in time for the October season, Proto Droids(aka Correlations’ Neil Hale) has dropped the 10-track wobbly synth album Sequential Dreams. An album of dreamy, glitchy electronic music to score some late night walkabouts or to just lose yourself for a bit. If you’re familiar with Hale’s Proto Droids project, then you know he’s no […]

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Somebody’s Watching Me : Daniel Davies Talks Uncertainty, Spies, And Charlie Christian

Musician and composer Daniel Davies has kept busy the last six years. I’m sure he was pretty busy before that as well, but since 2015 Davies has been a regular collaborator and band mate to John Carpenter and Cody Carpenter. Working on three full-length LPs, an album of reimaginings of Carpenter’s most famous film music, […]

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Halloween Is Over

Well another Halloween has came and went. Kids are waking up all over the country and counting their candied loot(if they didn’t already last night) and deciding if they want to use those Smarties and Milk Duds as bargaining chips for their younger sibling’s or daft neighborhood kid’s Fun Size Snickers or peanut M&Ms. This […]

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“The Shape Returns”

John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies have unleashed the first piece from their soundtrack to David Gordon Green’s Halloween and it’s an eerie reminder of what made Carpenter’s original so chilling, seductive, and the iconic piece it has become. The track, aptly titled “The Shape Returns”, sounds like a microcosm of all the various […]

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Shamrock Shakes

Happy Halloween, folks. If you’re in a different time zone or on a different continent maybe you’re already handing out candy. Maybe you’re in a costume yourself hitting the hard cider a little too hard for a weeknight. Either way, here’s to you and that poor man’s Savini makeup effect you’re touting. I don’t have […]

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