The Hologram People Invite You To ‘Village Of The Snake God’, Out 9/2; Listen To “Theme From The Village Of The Snake God”

The Hologram People seem to be a perfect fit for the sonic universe of UK label Library Of The Occult; Gothic tones, chamber music melancholy, and psychedelic trips are abound in the musical world of The Hologram People. 60s free love intermingles with 70s decadence with a hefty dose of brown acid freakouts to give us a heady desert death trip. Part Brian Jones Massacre, part Olivia Tremor Control, and all English countryside folk tale.

The band’s last release was Return To Chapel Perilous from this past January. That album art has some serious Moebius vibes, and the music fits the trippy sci fi world of Edena perfectly. We now have the exquisite and hazy Village Of The Snake God, which is dropping this Friday on Library Of The Occult. The band’s quintessential folk psych is turned to full blast this time around, complete with touches of Giallo, 70s soul, and hallucinogenic swirls that add to the band’s mystique.

Track “Them From The Village Of The Snake God” has it all; groove for miles, acid-burnt guitar riffs, and just enough “far out” psych to even get the crustiest of space cadets blazing into another dimension. This track encapsulates the psychedelic superpowers this band possesses, and shows them in top form.

If Tom McDowell is putting it out on Library Of The Occult, then you can be damn sure it’s something you want in your ears. The Hologram People’s Village Of The Snake God is another stunner from LOTO. Since 2020 it’s been a consistent display of fuzzed-out psych, buzzing electronic, and baroque listening pleasures.

Listen to “Theme From The Village Of The Snake God” below, then preorder The Hologram People’s ‘Village Of The Snake God’ from Library Of The Occult on 9/2 here.

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