Iceblink : Carpet Cocoon

Lynn Avery describes her new album as her “comfort album, music to retreat to in the winter.” Avery, aka Iceblink, has made Carpet Cocoon as a bedroom new age album. Stitched together with nylon string guitar, synthesizers, flutes, and filtered saxophones, Iceblink’s Carpet Cocoon has a very pastoral vibe. A mixture of organic and processed, […]

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Gabriel Birnbaum Drops “Blue Kentucky Mile”; New Album ‘Not Alone’ Out Tomorrow 11/22

There’s a sleepy, melancholy drawl to singer/songwriter Gabriel Birnbaum’s vocals in his sweetly sad new single “Blue Kentucky Mile”. With the loping rhythm, tremolo’d guitar, and almost ghostly shuffle of the track, you’d think you had come across some long floating radio signal stuck in time. A musical present from the past wanting to lull […]

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Lightning Dust : Spectre

Lightning Dust began as a side project for Amber Webber and Joshua Wells where they could explore folksier sounds mixed with minimalist electronics, away from their main gigs in Black Mountain. 2009s Infinite Light was their second record and a stunning display of their studio prowess, showing Wells as a powerful presence behind the board. […]

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Steve Gunn: The Unseen In Between

Steve Gunn has proven to be far more than just a guitarist. He was part of Kurt Vile and the Violators for years before stepping out on his own. His style is influenced and inspired by artists like Michael Chapman, La Monte Young, John Fahey, and Indian music. He’s an ethereal player and makes music […]

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Slow Dakota’s ‘Suite For Voice and Ukulele’ : A Review and a Conversation

PJ Sauerteig as Slow Dakota makes music that feels aged in an oak barrel for decades, secretly and effortlessly within some nondescript stone-lined cellar. A Midwest-soaked sound that once poured and allowed to breathe displays vibrant fall aromas and quaint melodies made of earth, sky, and sephia-tinted memories. Sauerteig is a storyteller, and his songs […]

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Strand of Oaks : Hard Love

In lieu of me discussing some strange childhood trauma that correlates to a record purchase starting the work week out, I thought I’d give the floor to my good friend and fellow writer D.M. Jones. He’s written a stellar review of the new Strand of Oaks long player ‘Hard Love’ and needed a place for […]

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GOAT : Requiem

Listening to GOAT’s new epic album Requiem one gets the feeling of coming across some strange, acid-drenched dance party in the Shire. Big-footed hobbits drinking goblets of homemade rastleberry wine as they succumb to the psilocybin-fueled hallucinations as the sounds of GOAT echo through Middle Earth. Requiem could also pass for the soundtrack to a […]

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