ThanksGiving, 2021 Edition

It’s been kind of a rough few days, honestly. Started feeling lousy last Wednesday and it’s been an on again, off again party of feeling good and feeling like crap. Puts me in mind of a year ago when we were locked in with Covid over Thanksgiving. Though in a really strange way there was a certain amount of comfort in last year. We were in our second week of Covid fun Thanksgiving week last year, so while we were still healing we weren’t feeling completely awful. Windows covered, streaming shows, listening to records, and eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes just the five of us. I missed seeing my parents but I have to be honest, I liked being holed up just us five.

Anyways, this year isn’t like that. I have some crazy congestion and a back that’s not cooperating. No Covid, so we’re going to a family dinner tomorrow. Can’t say I’m super excited about it, but there’s an obligation to go. If I had my druthers I’d cocoon in the chair and watch The Irishman again. Of course anxiety has been showing it’s ugly head as well. It’s been a real treat, these last few days.

Here’s Willow learning how to use a bong

Anyways, not much to report. What am I thankful for? Well, that we aren’t dealing with Covid this year. Everyone else is healthy(with me as the exception) and reasonably happy. I’m thankful for new guitars, new tunes, and trips to Michigan breweries(my son and I hit up Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI last Saturday.) I’m thankful for a wife and kids that get it and get me. Despite the news of my impending unemployment this past October I’m still thankful for a job that pays the bills. Thankful for friends and extended family. Thankful for quiet time on the weekends watching old horror movies with my son, or binging shows with my wife.

I’m thankful I’m still breathing, so there’s that.

Hope all is well in your orbit.

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