It’s been a couple rough days. I’ve been feeling the weight of the world pretty intensely. Anxiety has been hanging over me like a dark cloud, not giving me much space in my brain to think about music. It seems like every time I get online to get an update on the current militant state […]

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Worry Wart

I’ve always been a worrier. From the time I was a little kid I would dwell on the worst. If my parents went out for the evening and left my brother and I at home I’d start waiting behind the curtain over the picture window in the living room if they weren’t home by 9pm. […]

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High School Dreams

I was listening to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast yesterday on a 3.5 mile walk on what was the first day of the 2019-2020 school year. In his opening monologue he spoke about a performance recently where it took place in what had been a high school. They’d turned classrooms into office spaces and were using […]

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Age Of….OPN

The first I really let Oneohtrix Point Never into my brain was after I’d discovered anxiety. Panic had been just under the surface for years with me, but it finally came to a head about 4 years ago. This was also around the same time I bought R Plus Seven. I was pulled into its […]

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Weird Dream

The alarm went off at 4:20am and I quickly realized I needed an extra 20 minutes of shut eye, so I hit the snooze and quickly went back under. Next thing I know I’m at my aunt’s old two-story house that she hasn’t lived in close to ten years now. We’re all standing around looking […]

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Let The Bruise Blood Come Out

This is an interesting one for me. You see, it seems I discovered the wonderful world of anxiety attacks the summer of 2014. I’m not sure why they started coming on. My wife had gotten a new job that had her traveling quite a bit. That might have been a part of it, with me […]

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Fall Break…or Gimme A Break

It’s finally here. After a nearly two months of waiting and clocking in and out at work I’ve arrived at yet another mini-vacation from that grind called the 9 to 5. Well, mine’s more like a 6 to 2. You get what I’m saying. Last I had a vacation was back during the last week […]

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