Another Year(Nearly) Gone

Rounding out the weekend following one of the last big yearly holiday markers we call Thanksgiving. That means December is only a few days away, which also means my 49th birthday is just a few days away(cue The Beatles.) It was a decent Thanksgiving weekend, though today(Sunday) is an especially dreary one. Dark gray clouds, […]

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ThanksGiving, 2021 Edition

It’s been kind of a rough few days, honestly. Started feeling lousy last Wednesday and it’s been an on again, off again party of feeling good and feeling like crap. Puts me in mind of a year ago when we were locked in with Covid over Thanksgiving. Though in a really strange way there was […]

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If ever there was a year that gave so many so little to be thankful for, it’s 2020. Illness, deaths, job losses, isolated from family and friends, and the entire election cycle of poisoned rhetoric and flat-out lies has made this a year I think we’d all like to just flush like the giant turd […]

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Covid-19 Is Very F*&^#@g Real

Feature Art by MJ.Hiblen I’m sitting in my basement studio typing on a Saturday afternoon, looking back on nearly two weeks straight up sickness. The first week I was under the impression that I had a sinus infection. Woke up in the middle of the night Sunday, November 8th with chills and body aches. I […]

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Chicago, 2008. My wife and I drove to the windy city in October of 2008 to see My Morning Jacket. The show had been cancelled because just a couple nights prior Jim James took a spill from an extremely high stage and messed himself up pretty good. The hotel where we’d made reservations wasn’t understanding […]

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Thanksgiving 2017. It’s an overcast morning. Mid-30s and it’s currently snowing. It’s nearly 11am and I had to do that thing I detest more than anything on a holiday: I had to run to the store because we used up all the milk. My thoughts on stores being opened on major holidays has always been […]

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The Black Friday Bloat

So here I am, relaxing in my easy chair and typing away. It’s been over a week since I’ve checked in here at and I have to admit it feels weird. I can’t remember the last time I went a week without writing. Now, I have done some writing since then but nothing I […]

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Thoughts for a (Black)Friday

You know, for a Black Friday it’s pretty damn beautiful out. Brisk bordering on damn chilly, but the sun is shining like the blazing star it is. Skies are blue, with a hint of purplish hue near the horizon. Trees are bare and skeletal, showing their naked winter fashion with pride as they occasionally shake […]

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