Burial Grid’s “4am Knows My Secrets” Is Subtle Melancholy With Anxiety Just Under the Surface

Burial Grid’s Adam Michael Kozak has put together a pretty amazing new album called Shores of Quiddity. It’s a record that came together over the course of 2020, a year filled with both social and personal strife for Kozak. His work has always been a balancing act between light and dark, with a heavy lean on the trauma of death and loss but in a oddly healthy way.

Back at the end of July he shared single “Biphasic”, and now we have the ethereal “4am Knows My Secrets”. It’s a pensive song, starting out on a bubbling of electronic noise that opens up into lilting synth. There’s a melancholy here; the kind of sadness that you feel all too well in the wee hours of the morning. It’s the kind of dull, numbed grief that sits by you on the edge of the bed as the alarm clock light glows in the distance. Anxiety, worry, and despair hover over in the darkness. While the world still sleeps, your brain buzzes in the anxiousness of personal grief and loss.

That’s how “4am Knows My Secrets” speaks to me.

A video for the new Burial Grid single will arrive soon, as will ‘Shores Of Quiddity’ in full later this year. Until then, listen to “4am Knows My Secrets” below.

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