Zombi Drop The Stunning “Black Forest”; ‘Liquid Crystal’ Out In May

Last year Zombi, the prog/synth duo of Steve Moore and AE Paterra, released the excellent album 2020. An aggressive shot of dark and heavy electronic music that was just what we needed in the tumultuous summer of 2020. It was the most raw piece of music Zombi had released up to that point.

Then just this week the band announced a new EP called Liquid Crystal, an album that would be released on May 14th with Relapse Records. A single has been dropped called “Black Forest” and I think it’s just the thing my brain needed.

Listening to “Black Forest” I get the vibe of “classic” Zombi. The kind of music that just lets you float away. Of course the Peart-like drumming and elegant but in-your-face bass and intricate synth work are the calling cards of Pittburgh’s native sons, but there’s another side to Zombi. There’s the subtle nods to bands like Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd, and Tangerine Dream. Quiet contemplation without getting too heady. On “Black Forest” the duo open the track on a restrained, almost dreamy note. The synthesizer and guitar that welcome us at the gate brings to mind Meddle-era Pink Floyd. Soon enough, though, we hit hyper drive as Paterra locks into a cosmic groove and Moore plays some tasteful guitar that helps this shot of galactic prog soar.

Between the musical and work schedules of AE Paterra and Steve Moore we usually only get new tunes from Zombi every few years, so this blast of breezy cosmic prog was an absolute surprise. Along with “Black Forest” there will be four other tracks on Liquid Crystal. The five-track EP will be presented on gorgeous sky blue vinyl and royal blue cloudy effect vinyl, as well as in digital form. Zombi is great in any manner of listening, but they particularly sound amazing on a big old slab of wax.

Give “Black Forest” a listen below, then preorder ‘Liquid Crystal’ pronto. You can do that here.

2 thoughts on “Zombi Drop The Stunning “Black Forest”; ‘Liquid Crystal’ Out In May

  1. Really looking forward to this one – 2020 was one of my favourite albums last year (I haven’t been disappointed by any of their releases to be fair).

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