Sankofa : The Most Delicious Gold

Stephen Bryden, aka Sankofa, loves shoes. He also loves a Bravas dog, educating those that need it, poking the bear, and a good beat he can rap over. Did I say he loves shoes? Sankofa has been a Fort Wayne artist/staple for long enough now that he should be given the keys to the Fort. Of course he wouldn’t accept. He’d say sell ’em and help some folks that need it with the proceeds.

His old school soul samples, groove-heavy beats, and strong vocal delivery are Sankofa’s calling card. His lyrics filled with reminiscing, story-telling, and humor mixed with relevance. He raps with purpose. Otherwise he wouldn’t pick up a mic.

Since 2017s Ink From Rust Bryden has kept Sankofa on an epic roll of releases, each one with equal purpose and engaging rhymes. In fact, I’m not sure when Sankofa sleeps. If he does, he’s probably rapping on the astral plane. His latest, The Most Delicious Gold, continues his prodigious roll to build a discography bigger than Robert Pollard’s. The Most Delicious Gold is another epic run of rhymes, beats, and old school vibes that make me feel good every time I hear them.

The Most Delicious Gold is dropping with Burnt Records, and the beats are courtesy of Burnt Bakarak, scratches by DJ Navin Johnson, and artwork by Wrecklords. But there’d be no show without MC Sankofa. He comes out strong with “Eric B. of Home Ec”, bringing to mind the classic vibes of Jurrasic 5. Another favorite of mine is “Factory Tied”. Killer beat and a keys sample makes me want to just bop my head in unison. And Big Daddy Kane socks? Yes please. Burnt Bakarak knocks it out of the park with this beat, and Sankofa makes the most of that swagger. “Art Supplies” showcases DJ Navin Johnson, and who wouldn’t want to shoot a boombox playing the Bosstones? Stephen Bryden even drops some singing here to pepper the rap.

A gem among gems is “The Hoosier Way”, Bryden’s love letter(?) to the Hoosier state. He pulls no punches and delivers his message in pure Sankofa style. He also dropped one of the most epic videos ever for “The Hoosier Way”, directed by Bambi Guthrie. If you haven’t seen it, seek it out.

Sankofa has done it again(with a little help from his friends), as The Most Delicious Gold could be the best Fort Wayne release yet. The Most Delicious Gold is out March 15th.

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