Mines Falls Premieres The Dark And Brooding “From Behind Glass”; Album Out 9/18

Brothers Carson and Erik Lund have a good thing going. The LA-based duo make the kind of music that buzzes with anticipation and mild anxiety. They create the push and pull of darkness that’s just around the corner; a breakup, personal tragedy, the existential dread of the unknown. Fortunately the Lunds know how to make existential dread into something appealing, catchy, and even intoxicating.

The Brothers Lund played in a band called Old Abram Brown, but have now become a duo called Mines Falls. Mines Falls feels like an intimate project, dimly lit pop that tows the line between early-2000s Radiohead, The Antlers, and The National. Symphonic and dramatic, but never melodramatic. It’s the kind of music that ends up on a mixtape meant to seriously impress.

On September 18th Mines Falls will release their self-titled debut. Up to this point the band has dropped two singles, “Red Moon, Car Wreck” and “Hey Mother”, both big, evocative, and bold in delivery. Now we have the dizzying “From Behind Glass”, a mixture of off-kilter production, angular delivery, and just a touch of Thom Yorke thrown in for good measure.

There’s deft sonic touches and a precise mixture of organic and synthetic sound that gives the track an otherworldly feel. “From Behind Glass” is breathy, melancholy, and a perfect mixture of grandiose and Gothic.

Here’s what Carson Lund had to say about the track:

In some ways this song epitomizes the sound we were gravitating towards with this album: angular, unsettling, and neither organic nor fully electronic. A wonderful musician from Chicago, Matchess, who also performed in a feature film I shot in the summer of 2019, plays the beautiful strings, which provide a counterpoint to Erik’s sharper analog synth sounds. Like several other songs on this album, the lyrics paint a portrait of a deteriorating relationship that’s a few parts autobiographical and several parts fiction.

Mines Falls full-length will be released on 9/18. Listen to “From Behind Glass” below, then preorder their self-titled LP here


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