John Carpenter’s “Alive After Death” ; ‘Lost Themes III’ out February 5th

I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year than with a new John Carpenter album. Lost Themes III will be dropping next month on February 5th and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s not like the Master of Horror hasn’t kept himself busy since Lost Themes II dropped in 2016. Working on two scores for two new Halloween movies that David Gordon Green directed, Anthology : Movie Themes 1974-1998 in 2017, “Skeleton” single, and some touring with his musical partners, son Cody and Godson Daniel Davies.

It just seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve heard new music from the man is all. With singles “Weeping Ghost” and “The Dead Walk” we got a taste of what Lost Themes III has in store for us; a mixture of dark techno and Gothic melodies all ready to move us like only Carpenter and Co can. There’s plenty of dread-inducing vibes, but also a lot of heart and melodious movements in these tracks. Rock guitar coalesces with piano and synth, all moved along with a propulsive rhythm section.

On the newest single “Alive After Death” there’s an almost Slasher Film Festival Strategy feel at first. Things quickly evolve into something more. Carpenter, along with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies, locks into some amazing 80s vibes in this track. A mysterious rhythm rises from the synth structure here as an almost mournful feel takes over. I’m reminded of Steve Moore’s work on Joe Begos’ VFW. Davies captures that 80s rock guitar tone, playing a tasteful solo over the proceedings while the song winds down.

Listen, it’s the beginning of the year. It’s the lean time when it comes to new music, so while I work on some new and fantastic content why don’t you belly up at the bar and give this new John Carpenter a listen? I love the Master of Horror and I’m excited about this new record. I’m digging the vibe of these tracks, especially “Alive After Death”. The video is pretty cool, too. Check it out below.

Lost Themes III is out February 5th on Sacred Bones Records. Preorder it here

3 thoughts on “John Carpenter’s “Alive After Death” ; ‘Lost Themes III’ out February 5th

  1. Really looking forward to digging into that. I was getting back into the first set towards the end of last year… seemed like the perfect soundtrack for the beginning of the end times (I know, just a bit cheery).

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