New Frontiers Announce Debut LP ‘(of) Inner Dimensions’ Out 1/22; Listen To “Ghosts of Time”

The heavy synth duo of New Frontiers consists of Andrew Crawshaw and Justin Kleine. Back in September they dropped the video for track “Cluster”. “Cluster” was a serene and hypnotically dark piece of music that blended their love of private press synth and Innovative Communications releases. It also showcased the influence of artists like Steve Roach, Pauline Anna Strom, Rolf Trostel, and Rudiger Lorenz. New age and ambient vibes combined with the post-60s fallout and 70s guru spirituality. While that spirituality may have just been a cover for sex cults and empty spirituality, it gave us a swath of amazing zone out electronic music.

On January 22 New Frontiers drops their full-length debut, (of) Inner Dimensions via Bandcamp and in collaboration with Two Headed Dog. This record locks into the optimistic and meditative nature of the music of that time. It’s ever free-floating tones and hazy analog vibes more than make up for the false prophets and huckster gurus that took advantage of post-free love hippies looking for meaning in a time of utter political and social chaos.

On opening track “Ghosts of Time” Crawshaw and Kleine layer our psyche in a hazy swath of vintage analog tones that numb the outside world. A slow motion drip that is part new age enlightenment and ethereal absinthe fever dream. There’s an addictive quality to the melody here, putting the listener in a contemplative and serenely peaceful state, while still having an element of darkness just under the surface.

It encapsulates the trip you’re about to take on (of) Inner Dimensions, but doesn’t give away too much. It’s a heady musical journey of the highest order.

New Frontiers’ (of) Inner Dimensions will be released on 1/22. Preorders are live now. Listen to the transcendent “Ghosts of Time” below, then head to Bandcamp and preorder the gorgeous colored vinyl. A video release will follow soon.




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