The Incidental Crack : Before The Magic

What is The Incidental Crack? Well, imagine those moments either just as sleep hits or as you’re coming out of it. Those twilight minutes where the outside world intermingles with your lucid sleep. The sound of a television in another room makes its way into that midnight float, or the break of sunlight lights the dark of a strange dream about the past. That’s sort of what is going on with The Incidental Crack’s debut album Before The Magic. Found sound warped and manipulated like conversations and industrial hiss put thru a wormhole; poetry spoken over what sounds like thoughts turned inside out.

According to record label Soundtracking The Void, “The Incidental Crack is the new project from Front & Follow + Gated Canal Community’s Justin Watson & Rob Spencer alongside Simon Proffitt, who also performs as Cahn Ingold Prelog and The MasterMusicians Of Dyffryn Moor.” The team of Watson, Spencer, and Proffitt have worked up a 4 part series on sonic manipulation and fever dream audio. The sound of the world making its way thru manipulative sonic colors, twisted and shaded just dark enough to cause just a slight unease.

These aren’t songs more than headspaces to get lost in, and album opener “If I Can Do It” is 17-minutes of reverberation and cavernous space. It’s not unlike air escaping from your ear at 3am, that swishing sound you hear when there’s nothing else to fill your head. “Skin” features a spoken word piece by Dolly Dolly that plays as some “through the looking glass” version of a skin care commercial. Like something you’d see on an episode of Night Gallery, or Black Mirror.

“Set Free All The Bird’s From Your Wife’s Aviary” begins with industrial noise that works its way into conversations that could be taking place at a pub after the shift ends down at the foundry. Cave recordings are at the center of “We All Feel Happier Now”, a sort of melancholy hum that accompanies the sound of nature trapped within a hole in the earth.

Before The Magic is an experimental record. It’s a series of found sounds shared remotely, then manipulated in the studio into something not quite of this earth. Ethereal hums, distant memories, and discarded field noises are transformed into mysterious pieces to explore. These are the sounds of waking dreams and twilight audio.

‘Before The Magic’ will be available 9/18 via Soundtracking The Void. Preorder it here

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