Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea ready ‘Liberamente’; Listen To Title Track

Forward-thinking record label Azure Vista Records has been home to some truly awe-inspiring albums since its inception back in early 2017. Much like Windham Hill and ECM in the 70s, Azure Vista Records is about taking you out of your reality and dropping you into something deeper and headier. New Age(Jonas Munk), Ambient(Billow Observatory), electronic(Quaeschning and Schnauss), and even shoegaze(Dorias Baracca), Azure Vista releases prestigious LPs that feel elevated to a higher art form.

The latest artist to join the Azure Vista roster is Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea. A band that hails from both the Midwest and the Southwest, their sound encompasses the vast soundscape of Big Sky country and the sort of stoic indifference that hides amongst the amber waves of grain. Their music is vast swaths of guitar drone that feels orchestral in emotional heft but sparse as a four-hour drive thru the landscapes of West Texas. The band consists of zakè, Marc Ertel and Damien Duque, and if you’re familiar with Auburn Lull, Billow Observatory, and Azure Vista label head Jonas Munk’s latest release Minimum Resistance, then Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea will be like meeting up with an old friend on the astral plane.

On October 16th Azure Vista Records will release Liberamente, the latest full-length LP from Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea. If opening and title track “Liberamente” is any indication, this will be the kind of album that encompasses you for its duration.

“Liberamente” swells and builds like rolling clouds on an overcast day. Steely gray occasionally teases sky blue hiding just beyond view. The minimal approach the band takes to make music is deceptive, as the guitar drones emulate some kind of ethereal movement. Walls of sonic bliss and cascading orchestral swells hide the fact that this is three individuals and not thirty that are conducting this sort of dream symphony. It’s breath-taking and awe-inspiring in its scope.

Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea’s ‘Liberamente’ will arrive October 16th, 2020. Listen to title track “Liberamente” below, then preorder the album through Azure Vista Records here. 


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