Stop, Relax, and just “Breathe” with Chris Polcyn

Bay area producer Chris Polcyn knows the value of a good chill out track. There’s something so all-encompassing and inviting about his debut single for Holodeck Records. “Breathe” makes me think of cobblestoned, Parisian streets, the salty scent of The North Sea making its way over rolling green hills, and contemplating life with a loving hand in mine. The rolling rhythm and melancholy synth note that floats just above our heads brings to mind early electronic German composers, early 80s Euro pop, and just the exquisiteness of the perfect pop melody. The kind that lingers in your head and heart long after the music has stopped.

Of course, this isn’t 2020 in my brain. It’s 1981 as the exquisite sonic world Chris Polcyn creates feels of a vintage nature. Simplicity is the secret weapon for the true artist, as they know in the scheme of things less is more. If you can get your point across with just rhythm and melody, then you don’t need much else. Electronic drums, synth, and an engaging melody created with early digital hardware is what Polcyn uses to pull us into “Breathe”.

This is the kind of track that I can put on anytime, anywhere, and lose myself in. It’s the perfect mix of alluring, downtempo electronic and existential drift. Chris Polcyn has made my summer chill out track. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

“Breathe” is out now through Holodeck Records. Listen to it below and then buy it here. Or sign up for Holodeck’s music subscription and it’s yours automatically, along with all the single releases every Friday. Plus extras. S U R V I V E may come play at your Bar Mitzvah. Or Troller might jam in your basement. More than likely neither of those things will happen, but there’s very cool perks. Check them out here. 


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