Moon Duo’s “Stars Are The Light”

Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada, aka Moon Duo, have always dabbled in music that carries a certain physicality to it. Underneath the electro beats, slinky keys, and jangly guitars there lies the beating heart of movement. Dance floor excursions, that is. It was never apparent that Moon Duo were purveyors of dance music, as they hid it well under blankets of psychedelia, transcendental mysticism, and occult dabblings. Their discography is a cornucopia of fuzz guitars, farfisa organs, and four-on-the-floor electronic percussion. They seemed to have far more in common with Suicide than Donna Summer.

But alas, Johnson and Yamada are giving into the their disco leanings for their brand new album Stars Are the Light, which arrives September 27th, 2019 via Sacred Bones Records. With their magnificent run in 2017 with the amazing Occult Architecture Vol. 1&2, Moon Duo played in the open spaces and shadows, making concept albums based on the ying and yang of day and night, dark and light. On Vol. 2 they explored their lighter sides, letting sun shine in places it never had before in their music. With Stars Are the Light, they continue the light and set controls for the heart of disco.


Title track “Stars Are the Light” is a propulsive work of rhythm and groove. It has a disco rhythm as Johnson and Yamada’s vocals coalesce beautifully together. The song is ornamented with bright and cheery synth while Johnson plays liquid, languid guitar lines throughout.

It’s a step further into lighter, ethereal territory. One they began two years ago and seem to be continuing with this amazing song.

Stars Are the Light drops September 27th with Sacred Bones Records. Preorder the limited edition vinyl here.

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