Videodrones Ready ‘Atavistic Future’, out August 2nd; Listen To Mesmerizing “Church”

Videodrones is the electronic duo of Jakob Skott and Kristoffer Ovesen. The two create music in a buzzing electronic world of modular synths and circuital improvisation. Their 2016 debut Mondo Ferox was a mixture of Komische and Berlin School headiness, but existed as a soundtrack to some back room horror film. One of those Betamax boxes sitting on a wall collecting dust next to films like Deep Red, The Keep, and Demons. One of those soundtracks that far outweighed the film it scored. I listened to that album on many brisk, fall hikes through wooded trails and it was the perfect mixture of bone-chilling and mind-expanding.

Nattens Hævn, which came out the following year, continued those vibes but with more of a concentration on experimentation and less on the horror aspect. They opened their sound up to Vangelis vibes and a sort-of new age-y mood, but if it was new age music for the end times. I was equally floored by this record.

Two years later and we have Atavistic Future coming on August 2nd via El Paraiso Records. From the chromed-out sheen of the album cover and its shimmering first single “Church”, I’d say Videodrones is still ever-evolving into something wholly unique and spatial.

The sound continues to expand and evolve, with “Church” taking a more repetitive and looping approach. Imagine Steve Reich getting lost in the world of modular synths, and Terry Riley being his guide. The song is an ever rising synth riff that builds and ascends throughout a nearly 8-minute track. This feels much more connected to 70s compositional work of Philip Glass and Terry Riley. Imagine Glass’ Music in Twelve Parts or Riley’s In C, but heavily immersed in an ether bath and a Buchla. It’s a stunning display of improvisation and transcendent music provocation.

Check out “Church” below. Atavistic Future will be released via El Paraiso Records on August 2nd. Preorder will be up soon. Check back here for further details.

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