Deadly Avenger : Your God Is Too Small

Damon Baxter and Pete Diggens blew our minds and eardrums back in 2018 with the behemoth that was Deadly Avenger’s I Am Godzilla, You Are Japan. Not a single window or piece of fine china was safe when the beat dropped on that epic piece of beat blastin’ science fiction. The synth riffs were dense and the beats menacing as a giant atomic dinosaur arising from the core of the earth. And with Luke Insect’s album design it all came together like a force to be reckoned with.

Deadly Avenger has returned(as have the fellas from Burning Witches Records) to take us back to where it all began, and on RSD 2019. Your God Is Too Small is a prequel to what came before it, and we are treated to the big synth riffs and hard-driving electronic rhythms we know and love from DA. There is also more nuance and restraint this time around, adding a whole new dimension to the tongue-and-cheek bigness of this album’s predecessor.

No single square inch of land or any towering skyscraper is spared this time around as opening track “YGITS” struts its way into your ears like a monster on a mission. Baxter engages all his power as an electronic musical wizard here and says simply “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” “A Promise For Komiko” sort of floats on a cloud of underlying menace, with a distant touch of Tangerine Dream in there for good measure. The lull created is short as “Destroy All Humans” kicks into action. A full-throttle techno boogie drives the track into the core of the earth like a 50-foot drill.

The intensity and fun of I Am Godzilla, You Are Japan is still very much intact here, except this time around Deadly Avenger takes some time to savor the nuances and change of pace a bit. There seems to be more moments throughout Your God Is Too Small where Baxter lets moments of contemplation sink in. Something like “Gunmen Omego” would’ve been an anomaly first time around, where as here it adds a bit of mystery to the proceedings. But fear not, “The Mysterions” busts at the seams like Flying Lotus being devoured by a Kaiju. It’s groove and wonky electronics gives it the feeling of slowly disintegrating in waves of radiation.

There also seems to be some of the sunburnt 80s vibes of WHEN HARO MET SALLY lingering here. You can’t help but feel it in “Tears In A Demon’s Eye” and “Myuki my Love”. The sonic palate isn’t limited to pavement-crushing beats and radiated synth chords that can easily melt minds(as well as cities.) The beginning for monsters can be heavy-hearted and existential, too.

With Your God Is Too Small, Deadly Avenger reassembles the beast but gives it a bigger, beating heart. There is still that sense of fun and ‘wink-wink, nudge-nudge elbow in the ribs’ kind of shenanigans, but there also lies at the center here a sonically rich album. One that still definitely knocks you about a bit, but also gives you moments of blissful contemplation. It’s all the fun and sonic destruction you were hoping for, and some added heart that surprises you.

8. 2 out of 10

Your God Is Too Small is available tomorrow, April 13th, on Record Store Day 2019 via Burning Witches Records. Don’t sleep in. Get up, throw some coffee in your face, and go stand in line with the rest of the folks in pajama pants drinking Red Bulls and vaping. This album is a must-have. It’s worth it. 

5 thoughts on “Deadly Avenger : Your God Is Too Small

  1. I think I’d love the opportunity to own it on vinyl, but on Record Store Day my branch of Rough Trade in Bristol got one single copy in so, of course, it went lightning fast. Are you going to be announcing a re-press as it seems rather unfair to miss out?

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    1. Hi Anthony. I can’t believe Rough Trade only got a single copy. I’m in the Midwest and we got 5. All sold out here, too, but I was fortunate enough to grab a copy.

      I do know that Burning Witches Records will have some on their website to sell at some time in the near future, so just check in there(and follow them on FB if you’re into that.)

      Hope you can snag a copy!


      1. J Hubner, Thanks for the heads up. Yes, will try and get a copy in a weeks time when Burning Witches releases some additional stock of Your God is Too Small. They have got back to me personally to advise down the line some vinyl will be released so I’ll get it in the end. Loving the blog. Happy to be on board.

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  2. I’m gonna have to wait for this. Timing just aint right, but I’ll hopefully snag both this and IAGYAJ at some point down the line. In the meantime, I’ll hit up yon Spotify.

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