deafheaven’s “Black Brick”

So maybe as to kick the naysayers in the teeth, Deafheaven have dropped a meteoric slab of pure thrash/black metal  called “Black Brick” onto an unsuspecting earth. This song is so full of vitriol and venom that you have to keep double checking that you are indeed listening to Deafheaven. It’s that heavy, and that good.

I’m not one of the naysayers that kept whining about how terrible Deafheaven were. How they weren’t a “real” band, and that they were a “fake” band. I sort of felt they were progressing and improving their sound from their debut Roads To Judah to last year’s Ordinary Corrupt Human Love(an album I absolutely loved.) They still thrashed about and screamed lyrics like someone gargling glass and joyfully spitting viscera in the air like a demonic fountain, but it doesn’t all have to be anger, despair, and the breakneck speed of an out of control shuttle hurtling from space.

Deafheaven have always had a melancholy lean to their sound. Sunbather was full of that, along with the avante garde musical moments. Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is the natural progression of that, and it’s gorgeous and violent just where it needs to be.

But “Black Brick”? Well, this is just pure, unadulterated whiplash waiting to happen. Hit play and feel the hot breath and supersonic rhythms and the thrashing buzz of guitars. Go ahead, I dare you.

I listen to this b-side from OCHL and I’m reminded of Freshman year of high school. Dipping my toes in Mercyful Fate, Death Angel, Slayer, Venom, and Celtic Frost. These exteme bands that were as equally frightening as they were invigorating to my 15-year old mind. Deafheaven have captured that excitement here. It’s an unrelenting 7 minutes of fury. And even though they do give the last couple minutes that Deafheaven melancholy in the guitars, George Clarke never relents and was surely spitting blood at the end of that session.

Listen for yourself.

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