Happy Valentine’s Day, Here’s a Re-Score To David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’

Whether you wanted it or not, electronic artist Cat Temper(aka Mike Langlie) has created a pretty epic re-scoring of David Lynch’s impressionistic terrorscape known as Eraserhead. The original score was a lot of industrial noise, hot air escaping pipes made of human bones, and general dread turned into harrowing hums and hisses(along with some Fats Waller thrown in for good measure.) In the hands of Langlie, who also makes music as Twink the Toy Band, the industrial hum has turned into more straight up industrial music with hints of the weirdness Lynch originally fashioned.

Eraserhead left an indelible mark on my psyche when I watched it as a 19-year old. It was extremely disturbing, but I wasn’t sure why. I still don’t. But Lynch’s bleak black and white, the industrial park and smokestack factories where main character Henry lived within, and of course the “baby” he creates with a woman he barely knows, all added up to I think one of the first arthouse films that’s pro-abstinence.

And of course, let us not forget the Lady in the Radiator and the worms.

Listen, regardless of your views on Lynch and Eraserhead, there’s a re-score out there called Henry(an electronic soundtrack to Eraserhead). It’s good. And if you’re a fan, you can sync this score up to Eraserhead and watch it. I haven’t. Not yet at least. But I have listened to the score as a standalone listen and Cat Temper has done a great job. It’s dark, weird, heavy, and dystopian, just like the film that inspired it.

So give your special someone the Valentine’s Day they deserve and download Cat Temper’s Henry(an electronic soundtrack to Eraserhead) and pop in that Criterion Collection edition of David Lynch’s Eraserhead tonight. Maybe have a “man-made” chicken, sing “In Heaven”, then watch Eraserhead.

She, or he, will thank you.

Also, check out the amazing artwork by Mister Reusch. Check out more of his amazing artwork here. 

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