This Will Destroy You : New Others Part Two

I can’t say that this album is a surprise to me. I mean, This Will Destroy You dropped a new record back in September called New Others Part One. One would assume that that would mean Part Two would be coming as well. A month later and New Others Part Two did indeed drop from the vast, open skies. I suppose it came sooner than anticipated, but I’m not complaining.

New Others Part Two very much feels like a continuation of the sonic delights and heady noise of New Others Part One. It would not be surprising to find out that these two were originally going to be released as a double LP, honestly. The songs work together well enough that one could make both albums into one long music journey. But for whatever reason they’ve been presented as two separate pieces, so we’ll enjoy them in the manner they were given to us.

“Sound of Your Death” opens Part Two with a blitzkrieg of noise. The band blows up into a cloud of sonic shrapnel as the song has an almost black metal feel to it. Beautifully chaotic. “Lie Down in the Light” is a quick swath of ambient audio light. Producer John Congleton, who recorded Part One, once again brings This Will Destroy You’s sound from the shadows into the crystalline sunlight. He makes the band’s sound shine as brightly as it ever has. Case in point, “Clubs”. The track is over eight minutes and seems to mosey along like a late night drive thru the desert. There’s a vast and ethereal feel to this epic song. A mix of David Lynch weird and a horizon burning in the far off distance. Soon enough the track blows up in a fireball of guitars, electronic noise, and cymbals before settling back into the slow motion groove it began with.

Elsewhere on Part Two TWDY take their sound to new, experimental heights. Songs like “Jesse Ray” and “New Promise Land Inc” start out almost like Sparklehorse tracks, as if they’re coming out of some dilapidated machine running on lost dreams and faint longing, before working themselves into beautiful crescendos. Songs like these are what differentiate This Will Destroy You from other like-minded bands. They’re not afraid to take us thru the fire with them. Likewise, “Cascade” is as big and as beautiful a track as any. Its widescreen sound seems to surround you. And album closer “Provoke” unfurls over eleven minutes with ambient textures and lilting guitar, building into a wall of guitar. It’s this calming moment that brings us resolution from the fiery beginnings of the record.

New Others Part Two is a beautiful continuation and conclusion to New Others Part One. They both feel very much connected by the sonic sinew the band and producer John Congleton created here. This Will Destroy You sound as great as they ever have, and continue to push their sound forward.

8.2 out of 10


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