Maine “Theme”

So are you feeling the post-Halloween bloat? I am. Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween. It’s that one time of the year that even adults can look like complete idiots by dressing as Shrek, Elvis, or a giant hot dog at work and not get fired, or admitted into a mental institution. But with the year long build up to the David Gordon Green Halloween sequel, it feels like we’ve been celebrating All Hallow’s Eve since sometime last December.

My kids are all too old for trick-or-treating and would prefer to slag off in their bedrooms staring at tiny screens on Halloween. In turn, I’d rather turn off all the lights and sip longnecks until the witching hour is over and I can enjoy my favorite part of the day: bedtime. I used to want to do things on Halloween. We used to have parties on Halloween, back before kids and when it was still okay to go to work with a hangover the next day. These days I can’t do that sort of thing. If I’m not in bed or on my way to bed by 9pm I’m done for.

Middle age.

I didn’t want the season to slip away before I could share a lovely piece of Halloween fandom. Michel Dupay, aka Maine, put out his interpretation of the Halloween theme on Halloween. It’s still up at his Bandcamp page and free to download.

If you don’t know Maine’s work, then that should be priority number one for the rest of the day. His album V was my favorite record of 2017. Seriously, it’s just an amazing all analog nugget of eerie warmth and beauty. A walk thru cobblestone streets in 1981 with a Sony Walkman playing subtle rhythms, haunting synths, and bewildering melodies as your stroll takes you to nowhere in-particular.

“Theme” is Dupay putting his magic to John Carpenter’s signature melody; complete with the warm, breathy nature of Maine’s sound.

Consider this your period at the end of the tricks and treats.

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