Track Premiere : Hear Future Museum’s Exquisite New Single “Presidio”

photos by Shane Renfro

Neil Lord has had a busy year so far. He released the Holodeck Records debut of his long running project Future Museums titled Rosewater Ceremony back in February(his first with Holodeck, but just one in a long line of FM releases.) At the end of June Lord and Thousand Foot Whale Claw dropped their newest album Black Hole Party, and at the end of this month Lord will be sitting behind the drums on the Single Lash debut record Providence. As if that wasn’t enough, on October 19th Lord will be releasing Future Museum’s next long player titled Rosewater Ceremony Part II: Guardian Of Solitude. This is a man that does not sit on his laurels. There’s a constant flow of creativity Lord is working with, and we’re all the better for it.

As Neil Lord told Complex Distractions back in September, “Future Museums was born out of my love for krautrock, ambient, kosmiche, minimal composition and film scores. Cluster, Moebius, Terry Riley, Steve Reich were and are all still enormous influences. Popul Vuh’s work with Herzog was also an enormous source of influence.” The Komische vibe is strong and a thru-line in both Future Museums albums(as you’ll see when Part II drops on October 19th.) It feels as if dreams and reality coalesce in Lord’s Future Museums’ work; these hazy worlds where you feel as if ancient tomes combine with future truths and all will be revealed if you open your mind a bit.

Rosewater Ceremony Part II: Guardian of Solitude very much feels like a continuation of what Future Museums started on the first record, with more of a focus on rhythms and a Berlin School flow. On first single “Position The Inverse” there’s a meditative hum that brings a kind of calm over you. A whole ‘incense, ancient hall high atop a mountain feel’ that puts you in a very specific head space. On new single “Presidio” there’s a bubbly, Krautrock vibe that is uplifting and decadently rich. It’s the kind of song you can get lost inside and indulge in over and over. Early 80s Froese and Cluster come to mind.

Check out “Presidio” below and preorder Future Museums’ Rosewater Ceremony Part II: Guardian of Solitude here. The album drops October 19th via Holodeck Records.

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