Wild Nothing : Laughing Gas

One of the great pleasures in life for me is to drop into a Jack Tatum(aka Wild Nothing) album and just get lost in his 80s-tinged dream pop. I dropped in with 2012s Nocturne and have been a major fan of Wild Nothing ever since. Tatum is all about the hook and the grandeur of […]

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DIIV : Deceiver

DIIV’s leader and main songwriter Zachary Cole Smith stated that the band’s 2016 record Is The Is Are was an album about addiction and getting sober at the time of the record’s release. Though it turned out that was not the case, as Smith stated in an interview a year later. Smith was still very […]

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Diiv’s “Taker”

The newest single released off of Diiv’s new album Deceiver(out October 4th) “Taker” continues the dark path we began with first single “Skin Game”. The dreamy gazes of Oshin and eccentricities of Is The Is Are have been replaced with a dark, hard look in the mirror. Zachary Cole Smith, Diiv’s lead singer, guitarist, and […]

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Chris Cohen : Self-Titled

Chris Cohen seems to exist in his very own musical space. It’s a space where the Kinks Village Green Preservation Society coalesces with Johnathan Richman’s I, Johnathan and some wistful memory of a summer afternoon long ago. Cohen played with Deerhoof from 2002 to 2006(some say their best years), as well as a bevy of […]

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Chris Cohen To Release Self-Titled Album On 3/29; Listen To “No Time To Say Goodbye”

Photo by Ebru Yildiz Somehow or another I completely missed that Chris Cohen is releasing his third record with Captured Tracks tomorrow. The self-titled Chris Cohen is the third record in an unofficial cycle that began with 2012s Overgrown Path. So far he’s released four tracks from the album, starting with “Edit Out” back in […]

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Wild Nothing : Indigo

Jack Tatum has a way with songwriting. He’s proven that since the beginning. Since way back in 2010 when Tatum was recording these dreamy, hazy pop songs in his bedroom that ended up being Wild Nothing’s debut Gemini. On that album the lo-fi aspect of the recordings added a touch of mystery to the proceedings, […]

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Wild Nothing’s ‘Indigo’

I remember the fall of 2012 pretty well. I’d seemed to hit a goldmine of new music and it all seemed to be coming from New York record label Captured Tracks. The Soft Moon, Craft Spells, DIIV, Chris Cohen and Mac Demarco were all kind of revelatory artists I found on this seemingly small indie […]

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Mac Demarco : This Old Dog

Mac Demarco is a hard one to put your finger on. On his last two albums 2 and Salad Days there was a definitely this vibe of a true blue singer/songwriter. He could put together these breezy, carefree tunes that brought to mind Harry Nilsson, Jonathan Richman, and even Cat Stevens. But there was this […]

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