Jake Schrock’s “Cosmic Ocean”

There’s a very specific vibe that permeates Jake Schrock’s newest track “Cosmic Ocean”. Inside its swelling synths and “come hither” pulse there’s also a sense of impending dread. Like standing on the shoreline and looking into the endless horizon, seeing or sensing just beyond the orange and purple hues some impending doom. Despite knowing the end is nigh, you can’t help but just stand and be enveloped into the fractured, paranormal storm that awaits.

Schrock is part of the electronic music collective of Holodeck Records, and a Texas-based electronic musician. His work is steeped in bubbly analog 80s synthesizers and has the feel of some lost 80s classic film score. Part Band of the Hand and part Risky Business, Schrock’s “Cosmic Ocean” pulls you in with a catchy melody on the surface that covers headier vibes just underneath.

My first experience with Jake Schrock was with his contribution to Holodeck Records’ compilation Holodeck Vision One and the track “Levitation Station”. There was a real uplifting, light vibe to that track that instantly pulled me in. It definitely made me take note. With “Cosmic Ocean”, Schrock reveals a darker, headier side to his analog world. One where things seem calm at the surface, but something darker awaits.

Jake Schrock’s debut releases, Tropical Depression, arrives via Holodeck Records July 27, 2018. Check out “Cosmic Ocean” below, and preorder the limited edition cassette here.

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