Let’s Go To The Black Hole Party

When you hear the name Thousand Foot Whale Claw, what comes to mind? Maybe some historical anthropological find? A lost Troma release from the late 80s? Maybe some mythical deep sea creature with razored digits to grab its prey? Well you’d be wrong on all accounts, but I’d give you an ‘A’ for effort.

Actually, Thousand Foot Whale Claw is an electronic/heavy synth band out of Austin, TX(of course it’s Austin.) Within that musical world TFWC is a supergroup of sorts, with members of S U R V I V E, Troller, Future Museums, Single Lash, and Ugly Kid Joe making up the band(you got me, there is nobody from Ugly Kid Joe in this band.) They release music via the excellent Holodeck Records and what these guys do is heady, deep space electronic jams. Imagine S U R V I V E and Future Museums completely freaking out on peyote inside the Adler Planetarium just off of Lake Michigan in Chicago with the ceiling screen in full end of the world display, as heavy doses of Zeit and Cluster & Eno are running thru a stack of PA speakers.

The results of that is what comes to mind when listening to Thousand Foot Whale Claw.

So the music might be a little more coherent than peyote-induced flashbacks, but TFWC do go for intellectual vibes with a healthy dose of zone out drones. The exciting news is that they have a new album coming out next month called Black Hole Party, and from the title track/lead single I’d say we’re in for a treat.

It’s not often you can recommend a video, as videos these days just don’t have the same quality as they used to. Not enough thought goes into the process. So it makes me very happy to say that the video for “Black Hole Party” is pretty damn cool. Bonus points for the fact that the song is amazing. It sits more into a groove than a drone. This is the kind of song that will get the heavily-bearded dude wearing Buddy Holly glasses, their dad’s flannel shirt, and $250 lumberjack boots to set their plastic cup of warm PBR on the table and maybe get up for an attempt at dancing. Or at least cajoling with his date on a dance floor of some making.

The song brings to mind Cliff Martinez’ incidental work on the Drive S/T at times, before it breaks into a more driving beat. It’s like OMD scored a Michael Mann flick with directions to occasionally sound like Cluster imitating Depeche Mode.

Or something like that.

Either way, watch the video below and preorder the record here. It’s available June 29, 2018 via Holodeck Records.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Black Hole Party

  1. The first thing tht comes to my mind when I hear the name Thousand Foot Whale Claw is “Mastodon has a new single? AWESOME!”

    I scanned this track and it sounds nothing like Mastodon though. “It’s like OMD scored a Michael Mann flick with directions to occasionally sound like Cluster imitating Depeche Mode.” Jeebus, that’s BUSY!

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  2. I love the name and the artwork. I really liked the track, too… feels like it’s building to something that doesn’t quite arrive, but I wasn’t disappointed that it doesn’t. And the video suggested that, too… stick in a dream and wanting something to happen… I dunno…. but I dig.

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