Different Name, Same Schmuck

If you happen by here often(or semi-often), then you’ll notice something is different about the place. Sure, the WordPress theme looks different(that may change again), but where is the affable Jhubner73.com, you’re probably wondering?(if you’re not, then you should pay closer attention.)

Well, I have indeed re-christened the Good Ship Blog Spot. Jhubner73.com has been bought out by Complexdistractions.blog. Okay, it hasn’t been bought out. I, J Hubner, the sole owner, writer, mover and shaker of the blog formerly known as Jhubner73 has decided the walls around here need a fresh coat of paint, so to speak.

I’ve been here writing and bellowing into the digital wilderness for well over 7 years now. It started out as a place for me to have a conversation about music and life(my life, in-particular) with what I referred to as my imaginary friend. A friend that was happy to sit and read about my love for Adrian Belew, horror movies, songwriting, and listen to stories about me growing up in the Midwest. As soon as I started this place up I felt this huge weight come off me. These were internal conversations I’d been wanting to have for a long time but really didn’t want to burden others around me with them. Here was a platform for my ramblings, and they were ramblings for just me and my imaginary friend.

Funny thing is that my imaginary friend turned out to not be imaginary. That friend is you. You, my blogging compatriots. And you, fellow information super highway travelers that needed a place to stop and rest on your journey. Fellow music lovers who enjoy a fellow music lover’s ramblings about music(and his usually weekly love fest regarding El Paraiso Records.) And even the curious window shopper that stops along on their journey to nowhere in-particular. Maybe you find a story from my childhood funny, or you can relate to my phobia of public restrooms and leave a like before you hit the road. All of you are my friends. My fellow writers and curious seekers and storytellers and music nerds and film buffs and comic book fanboys(and fangirls) and just my fellow human beings looking for a place to stop and feel welcomed. This blog has become just as much yours as it is mine(but it is still mine, okay?)

So with that in mind, I wanted to change things a bit here. I’m not changing a damn thing in regards to what I write or why I write about it. This will always be where I, J Hubner, wax ecstatic about music. This was the reason I began this blog in the first place and that will never change. But with complexdistractions.blog, I want it to also be a place where there are more stories about life. I’ve got a hell of a lot of stories to tell and here is where I want to keep telling them. There will also be more discussions in regards to film and books. And a hell of a lot more interviews. That’s another area I really want to concentrate on here.

You see, I think we need as much of this sort of thing as we can get these days. Distractions. Music, film, books, and hearing other people’s stories. There’s a wide pool of negativity out there that I think we’ve all been wading in for a long time now. Letting ignorance and stupidity seep into our brains and hearts and allowing it to inform how we go thru the day. I’m not saying being informed is a bad thing. Being informed and knowing the truth might’ve averted the current state of insanity we are now in. But soaking in the hot, acidic truth 24/7 will also burn you out. Sometimes diving into an album can heal those psychic pains. Same with reading about someone and their life and what made them passionate about art. Or even cracking open a graphic novel(or even the non-graphic kind…you know, the ones without pictures.)

The re-branding of Jhubner73.com to complexdistractions.blog is merely me refocusing. I want to do  this writing thing better and more often. I want expand my reach and make more imaginary friends not so imaginary. I have no delusions of grandeur in regards to how big this will become. This will always be a one-man operation, with that one man(me) covering things he loves and people he’s passionate about. Complex distractions are the distractions we need right now.


22 thoughts on “Different Name, Same Schmuck

  1. Digging the new name and look, JH. I’ve been digging hanging out here so much over the last few years that I’m hoping to be hanging out a good while longer… consider me part of the furniture, buddy.

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  2. I like the new branding and am excited for what’s to come! Loved the bit where you said we need more distractions- very true and it was eye-opening to read!

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