If ever there was a year that gave so many so little to be thankful for, it’s 2020. Illness, deaths, job losses, isolated from family and friends, and the entire election cycle of poisoned rhetoric and flat-out lies has made this a year I think we’d all like to just flush like the giant turd […]

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Different Name, Same Schmuck

If you happen by here often(or semi-often), then you’ll notice something is different about the place. Sure, the WordPress theme looks different(that may change again), but where is the affable, you’re probably wondering?(if you’re not, then you should pay closer attention.) Well, I have indeed re-christened the Good Ship Blog Spot. has been […]

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The nice thing about having this little spot on the great information super highway is that fellow travelers stop by. We have conversations, share a cup of coffee or a pint of stout, and generally get to know each other, whereas in the real world we couldn’t do that. Having many miles, oceans, and continents […]

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Three Years Here

So it was three years ago, on December 8th, 2011, that I put my toes in the waters of this blogging ocean. Before that point I’d often thought about starting a blog. The idea of having my own space out in this digital wilderness to spout off about, well, whatever, seemed like a great idea. […]

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Family Affair

So I’ve been blogging now since December of 2011.  It’s been one of the most productive and fulfilling things I ever could’ve done for myself.  I’ve always loved writing.  It’s something I think I do rather well.  But up until the beginning of, my writing was limited to songs in my basement and the […]

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