Graham Reznick’s “Robophasia”

So there I was, just minding my own business at work on a typically lousy Monday afternoon. Phone ringing, people barking, product piling up, and management no help like always. It seemed as if this Monday wasn’t going to be any different than the hundreds that came before it. But then, out of the blue, a new track from Graham Reznick appears to right the wrongs of Monday and Monday’s past. For a brief moment on a lousy Monday afternoon I get a reprieve from backorder reports, hot lists, and product meetings.

This Monday might not be so bad after all.

Graham Reznick will soon be releasing yet another full-length record(right after his recently released Glass Angles with Mondo/Death Waltz Originals), this time with the excellent Burning Witches Records. The album is called Robophasia. Robophasia is promised to be much darker than its predecessor, and from the title track I’d say Reznick is keeping that promise. Though, not dark in the sense of bubbling cauldrons, demonic incantations, and sleazy synths. Where Glass Angles was a bit of an ode to the dark, neon-lit nights of an alternate reality L.A., “Robophasia” has the robotic dexterity of early 80s electronic. Think Yaz working out some Harold Faltermeyer demons.

What is Robophasia? I googled it and the only thing that came up was that it’s an upcoming album by Graham Reznick, so I’m guessing this is wholly a creation by Mr. Reznick. Though, when I hear the word it puts me in mind of some cyberpunk novel. Something William Gibson might’ve written. “Something low life and high tech”, as Gibson said of his work. The stuttering rhythm and robotic, vocodered voice throughout the track sounds like A.I. composing within the mainframe. The track does have a Beverly Hills Cop feel to it, but only in the sense that the music puts you in a specific time.

Reznick has quickly proven himself to be an artist with a very unique musical voice, and “Robophasia” continues that trend. He pulls inspiration from the 80s, but it’s an 80s he’s built from memory, influence, and his own unique take on the sounds of that era. The hallucinatory feel from Glass Angles continues into this track, which I think might be Reznick’s musical calling card. Not until you put on some headphones and sink into this musical landscape do you start to feel the effects of “Robophasia”. Once you do, you’ll want more.

It’s Tuesday now. Still feeling the effects of Monday, but “Robophasia” will help with those. Check it out below.

Album art by the always amazing Hauntlove. 


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