Hibernaculum Dreams

I had a really strange dream. It was one of those dreams you have between the time your alarm goes off and that extra bit of sleep you gift yourself before having to get up. I’d fallen back into a semi-sleep state when I’d dreamt I was sitting in a cafe. A rather attractive woman came to my table wearing some nondescript college sweatshirt and she asked me if  I wanted to order something. I was looking at a computer screen and on the screen was the band page for a band called Dust Witch. I asked the woman if I could order the song “Hibernaculum”. She was a bit flustered and started staring at the screen in front of me. “Umm, well, I’m not sure. We may be out of that. Let me go check and see what we have that’s available.” I nodded and gave her a smile like an old man would give to a young waitress on her first day of waiting tables.

Before she could come back and let me know what was what my back told me it was time to get up. It was a strange dream to just pop up out of nowhere. I guess it’s not that odd since the East Coast band Dust Witch has been on my mind lately. I picked up their Death Waltz Originals 7 inch sometime before Christmas after hearing their song “Mirage” and pretty much being blown away. Their music is this mixture of Goblin and Tangerine Dream, but with a far earthier feel than either. There’s like 6,7, or 20 guys in the band. It’s not a couple synthesizers and a druggy light show; it’s a bunch of dudes laying down some supernatural vibes with a bunch of instruments(and maybe some druggy lights, too.) Even the artwork for the 7 inch sleeve gives off a Gothic, 70s aura. Like Frank Herbert meets Frank Frazetta. Basically, this 7 inch wet my appetite for a full-length LP that I have no idea is coming.

I wish I could say that from the beginning I knew that the name Dust Witch came from a Ray Bradbury novel, but I’d be lying if I said that. In fact, a friend of mine who is a Bradbury scholar was the one who pointed that out after I went to him and bragged about how amazing this band called Dust Witch was. The name comes from a story I’m familiar with, but in movie form. Something Wicked This Way Comes was a Disney movie from the early 80s about two boys around the beginning of the 20th century that get caught up in a mystery involving a carnival that comes to their Midwestern town. The carnival is run by a man called Mr. Dark and he doesn’t run a run of the mill carnival. In the film Pam Grier plays the Dust Witch, which is a surprise for me now as I had no idea. Anyways, for a Disney movie it was a damn good movie. Genuinely scary, creepy, and well made.

I can see why the guys in Dust Witch went with that name. Their sound is dark, mysterious, and somewhat foreboding. Synths and keys play a big part in their sound, but like Goblin, while synths are prominent they’re a real band. Drums, bass, guitar, and synths all come together to make this otherworldly sound.

Dust Witch recently contributed a song to Holodeck Records first compilations album titled Holodeck Vision One. This thing is a sprawling 30-song collection of everything from ambient, progressive, remixes, and of course heavy synth. Dust Witch mix things up with their track “Sister Planet”. Once again I was blown away by this band. So many vibes.

I guess this is all essentially a roundabout way of telling you all about this weird dream I had, and that apparently Dust Witch is haunting my subconscious. But which Dust Witch? Pam Grier, aka Foxy Brown, the sultry siren of a Disney kids movie that was really too scary for kids? Or is it the heavy synth band from Massachusetts? My dream would say the band, but I’m actually fine with both. If you weren’t hip to Dust Witch(the band), consider yourself hipped. Check ’em out, both their 7 inch and that Holodeck compilation. Heady stuff.

Good morning.

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