Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile’s “Over Everything”

When I first heard Courtney Barnett I had this feeling that she was this musical soulmate to Kurt Vile(true story.) She had this easy(not lazy) way of telling a story in songs. And the songs were these punchy rock and roll tunes that were elevated somehow from the usual melee of garage rock schlock. She seemed genuine.

Kurt Vile, I’ve been on board with since Smoke Ring For My Halo. There’s something about his easy(not lazy) delivery, his slow motion phrases, and his love of the guitar. He seems to revel in creating walls of jangle and respects the art of the guitar solo. I also love 9-minute openers like “Wakin’ On A Pretty Day” and dusty jangles like “I’m An Outlaw”. He just seems like a guy that loves music completely and puts it all into writing. He appreciates the art of the long player. He seems genuine.

There was talk of a collaborative LP between the these two separated at birth(and by continents) musical twins awhile back and it has indeed come to fruition. Lotta Sea Lice will be hitting record stores in October and the duo have dropped their first single, the breezy and sweet “Over Everything”.

I’m not sure I could imagine a better collaboration between these two.”Over Everything” would fit perfectly on either Vile or Barnett’s solo records, but with both of them taking verses and harmonizing they seem to transcend their own work and become something completely new. It definitely takes its time like a lot of Vile tracks, but there’s something a little more wide-eyed going on here. It’s not quite as sleepy with Barnett bringing a little more energy to the track. There are little elements from contemporaries I’m hearing between the lines. Bands like Real Estate, Wilco, and even The War On Drugs echo within this track, but you can hear some bigger influences as well. Petty comes to mind, as does Warren Zevon and even Springsteen at times.

But this is most definitely a Barnett/Vile joint. Their voices and guitar mark this one as completely their own.

Check it out below:


8 thoughts on “Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile’s “Over Everything”

  1. Good song. Love Courtney Barnett, her voice, guitar and words. On the song Small Red Poppies she absolutely shreds. Love it when her Aus accent shines but sometimes she sounds British too, a bit similar to Siouxsie Sioux – another beautiful, raw and deep talent, not that I want to put Courtney on a pedestal (ha) 🙂 but she’s awesome.

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