Dinosaur Jr : Sweep It Into Space

Dinosaur Jr have consistently released album after album of noisy rock and sunshine-smeared fuzz pop for the better part of four decades. Starting out in the noise scene of early 80s indie/punk rock with the likes of Sonic Youth, Husker Du, and Yo La Tengo, the three piece led by J Mascis has morphed their […]

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Steve Gunn: The Unseen In Between

Steve Gunn has proven to be far more than just a guitarist. He was part of Kurt Vile and the Violators for years before stepping out on his own. His style is influenced and inspired by artists like Michael Chapman, La Monte Young, John Fahey, and Indian music. He’s an ethereal player and makes music […]

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Kurt Vile : Bottle It In

Kurt Vile works in a frequency of his own making. You listen to his records and you hear an awkward and shy guy stepping out of his shell for however long that song takes. He’s confident within the worlds his songs inhabit, and really that’s where it counts. You can be an introverted guy or […]

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Kurt Vile’s “Loading Zones”

I always get a little giddy whenever a new Kurt Vile album is imminent. Something about that breezy groove in Vile’s speak-easy vocals and jangly musical persuasion that feels like something special is just around the corner. Since Smoke Ring For My Halo I’ve been a fan of the Philly-based singer/songwriter and with each successive […]

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Kurt Vile-Wakin On A Pretty Daze

The differences are subtle, but they’re there.  For example, the album cover.  Last time around there was a grainy black and white cover.  Simple and refrained.  Nothing promising the dark folk and buzzing guitar contained within.  Now, a bright blue sky with a graffiti-covered wall.  Looking at it you get a feeling of openness.  It […]

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